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Verify Paybal/register at Ebay Empty Verify Paybal/register at Ebay

Post by Ghost on Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:57 am

Anybody managed to verify Paypal or register a new account at Ebay with a payoneer debit card?

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Verify Paybal/register at Ebay Empty Re: Verify Paybal/register at Ebay

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:26 pm

Some time ago, you could use them to verify a Paypal account. I think this still stands, but never tried myself:

1. Debit Card payoneer Make sure you have enough balance for a minimum of $ 5 will be in charge by paypal for $ 1.95.
2. Login to your account at paypal,
3. click on "Add Credit Card" or click the paypal acount status unverified
4. Debit card data input payoneer start your type of card (Master Card), card number (16 digit card number), expired date, and CVV2 (3 digit code on the back of your debit cards payoneer).
5. Do not forget to click save and continue,
6. Then payoneer Login to your account and click the View menu transactions, will appear from the paypal transaction data with the contents for example pp Expuse * 1234, (please note the code 4 the 1234 numbers that will be used to confirm the card in the paypal), if no transaction data from paypal, please wait at least 6 hours after you enter the data card in the paypal (if you want to wait), or you can check day tomorrow
7. After getting the code Expuse 4 Digit earlier, Login Return to your paypal account, you continue to click the status you are still unverified.
8. Enter the 4 digit code before the paypalnya eg 1234,
9. and press submit
10. Finished, to change the status of unverified be verified after the confirmation, takes about 3 - 24 hours, and if it is verified, automatically, the money will be refunded $ 1.95 into your paypal balance as a bonus from paypal.
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